From preventive medicine


to predictive medicine

Aging is a natural and inevitable process of our lives. To stop time is impossible, but today it is possible to slow it down. In the last years the preventive medicine has made significant steps forward on the aging subject, giving more attention on the damages caused by the oxidative stress and to the prevention area studies. For this reason, the medical staff of Villa Paradiso and La Maison du Relax have created the Well Aging Program, that came from an important collaboration with Luc Montaigner, Nobel Prize for the Medicine. Based on the most modern acknowledgements in the diagnostic and therapeutic fields it is based upon a mix of biochemical exams with a high scientific rigor. These exams offer a very detailed table of the oxidative stress that affects the patient. Studying the out coming data the medical staff of Villa Paradiso and La Maison du Relax made new, important steps forward. As a matter of fact, other evaluation criteria are added to the oxidative stress analysis, like the DNA examination, with which it is possible to forecast the pathologies with the highest risk ratings.Comparing the results of the DNA analysis and the electronic, biochemical and performance diagnosis make possible to define a personalized therapy that can improve life style "preventing and predicting" future pathologies. Within the functional medicine the therapies are: 
∙ Administration of homeopathic and homeotoxicological drugs and a particular kind of drugs, substances that already exist inside the human body, and that for this reason are perfectly compatible with it. 
∙ Orthomolecular medicine (administration of vitamins and supplements). 
∙ Nutrigenomics: vegetable extracts which help the DNA functions, to strengthen weak points. ∙ Diet, with the specific intake of proper nutrition. At the end of the stay a personalized maintenance therapy will be given to the guest, together with of course the continuous availability of our medical staff for any doubt or request of information.